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MTT Report: Guess I'm Waiting Until Next Week, No WSOP So Far

Today I freed up my schedule expecting to play several MTTs.

I settled in at around 1pm for the $1 Main Event Satellite on Full Tilt Poker, which I had qualified for in a FTP points satellite earlier in the week. They give away 5 Main Event packages and there are usually about 30,000 to 40,000 players.

Probably not my best equity opportunity because it's so extremely top-heavy, but I still find myself excited by having any chance to make it to the big one.

The strategy for this type of tournament is pretty simple. First, try to build a stack in the first few rounds but try to keep the pot small unless you're lucky enough to hold near the nuts. It's not worth going crazy with top pair, especially out of position.

The blinds shoot up very fast, so you're usually down to push or fold after about an hour. Today, I built my stack up to about 7,000 from 1,500, but the blinds were 400/800 with a 100 ante after about an hour. The field had also been whittled down to just 5,000! I definitely thought this would take a lot longer.

I blinded away a little bit and then realized I had to start pushing with anything halfway decent in late position. I ended up getting my money in with A3s and got called by JT. He turned a Q hi straight and I knew I'd have to wait until next Sunday to book my ticket to Vegas. 4,368th place.

Had I doubled up a few times, I could have gotten back to playing real poker. The guys that end up on top in these tourneys have to win a LOT of coin flips and get extremely lucky. But someone has to win!

Then it was time for the $22 200K Double Deuce tournament, which I had also qualified for. Or so I thought. Turned out I had somehow mistakenly unregistered when I had the tournament lobby open and they gave me back my FTP points. Guess I'll have to wait until next Sunday for that, too.

How do you all handle tournaments against enormous fields? Do you even play them?

And is anyone else playing satellites for a shot at the WSOP? Have any of you found a good one on any other site?

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