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Upset After Internet Disconnect at Crucial Moment in MTT

I recently posted about a freak storm knocking out my power and almost ruining my Take 2 bonus. Thankfully, I was still able to get it. Now it's my internet connection that's on the fritz, and the failure couldn't have come at a worse time.

I was spending my Full Tilt Points, and I entered a 6 max NL tournament where the top 6 get paid $75 tournament tokens. Pretty good deal. I played really well; hit a few hands early on and then opened up a bunch when the blinds got larger and kept adding to my stack.

I lost a few hands, though, and was a pretty small stack with 10 players left. When there were 8 remaining on two tables, the software started to lag, and I got a little worried. I checked Firefox, and the page didn't load! Then the fateful "trying to connect" message popped up and I knew I was in trouble. I went straight to my modem and restarted it, rebooted my laptop, yelled a few obscenities. You know, the usual ideas.

It finally started working after about 20 minutes, and I saw that I had finished 7th, one spot out of a $75 token. The other players must have been ecstatic to see a short stack on auto fold one out of the money.

On the bright side, earlier in the day I qualified for the $1 Main Event Qualifier and won a $22 seat 200K Double Deuce tournament. Sunday's going to be a big MTT day for me.

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