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First SnG Challenge Report - Not Exactly Crushing Yet

I'm off and running on my NL SnG challenge, and this first report would be a lot more sour in nature had I not hit a big of a hot streak in my last few games.

Through my first 20 $1.20 SnGs, I'm down $4.20 net for a ROI of -17.5%.

But if you check the graph below, I only cashed 3 times in my first 15 games, but 4 out of my last 5. Hopefully I'll stay hot!

I know this sample size is tiny, but my challenge is just for 300 games and I'm shooting for a ROI of 15%. There will be luck involved but I think I can do it.

I'm going to review my hand histories in more detail later today, and I'll have a better idea of how many mistakes I'm making. I know plenty about SnG strategy, but since almost all my actual experience is in ring games, changing gears and applying shoving ranges are still things I'm not used to doing on a daily basis. I'm definitely not perfect so far.

I have taken a few coolers, as I've busted out with AA three times and run into several big pairs in bubble situations. But I'm also sure I'm getting involved in too many marginal situations in the early stages. After playing a few, it became clear to me how bad the average table is at these lowest micros; passive players who NEVER loosen up and min-bettors and raisers are all over the place.

Extremely tight play in the first couple rounds and then positionally-aware aggression when I'm closer to the bubble is the way to go. I'm planning to get a bigger sample and then get the 30 day trial of SnG Wizard.

Anyway, I'll be playing more games today and also reviewing yesterday's hands. I'll be posting anything I find interesting.

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