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Starting a SnG Challenge

So far, I've tried to dabble in a variety of games. I started playing just limit cash games before starting to work in a lot of No Limit. I've always enjoyed large multi-table tournaments and have plenty of experience with them.

The one game I haven't gotten involved with too much is SnGs, so I'm planning to start to play them at high volume. Thinking about things like blind/stack ratios, changing gears and shorthanded play should really help me develop into a more well-rounded player, especially since I have a strong fixed limit background.

I'm starting with the little guys, $1.10 buy-in, and I'll see how I fare after a decent sample. I'm going for a 15% ROI after my first 300 games. I know the confidence interval for this sample is very low, so there will be a lot of random luck, but I just wanted to give myself a number to shoot for. Wish me luck!

In other news. I'm starting to sell poker articles I have written to different websites. I have been supporting myself with freelance writing for the past year, and poker and casino content is something I'd like to seriously pursue this summer and beyond.

I've also been reading several poker books, so look out for a few book reviews on here in the coming days.

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