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Back to the Tables After a Short Rest, Refreshed

Had my first day of real grinding for the month yesterday and I felt very refreshed. Although I hadn't purposely set out to take a break, it was still nice to honestly think about my play away from the table without being affected by short-term results. In my absence I read threads on 2+2, re-read The Poker Blueprint and browsed through my PT3 database. If poker play and results were married, we would all benefit from a divorce.

Now I'm absolutely itching to play, and it's a very good feeling to have. Sometimes the best thing we can do as learners is to take some away from the game. It helps us really absorb particular concepts and also reminds us why we enjoy playing in the first place.

Anyway, I played relatively well in 5 micro NL SnGs. I cashed in 3 and took second each time. There must have been some sort of higher power that really didn't want me to win a since coin flip heads up. I lost with a 5-1 chip lead in the last one... Oh well. In cash I essentially broke even although I didn't really table select well. I need to put in a little more effort with that.

I'm looking forward to playing later today and shortly I'll be reviewing some books that I've been reading. Also, I'm anxiously awaiting the U.S.-Algeria game tomorrow. Hopefully the refs won't ruin the situation again!

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