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Comment Response

Thanks for the comments. I have played the vast majority of my career hands at fixed limit, so although I definitely have a good NL foundation, this background sometimes affects my judgment.

This was the first orbit and assuming a $1500 starting chip stack I notice going into this hand villain had lost $195 of those chips. How? Why? Under what circumstances did he find himself down nearly $200 so quickly?

I have to admit that at the time I didn't take notice of the hand he was involved in. After checking it in my database, he open limped in MP and check/called turn and river on a fairly dry board. He ended up losing to a set and mucked his hand. So not too much info, but the open limp suggests he isn't very good and calling down passively so early is another Nice catch, though, that's a really good point that I should be paying more attention to.

I also agree that his bet sizing is a little off. It could be a tip off that his range is wider, or he might just be a bad player who doesn't know any better.

If you can't stack off here, don't call pre. You aren't going to flop AKx often enough to turn a profit!! 

This is exactly right.

I was pretty torn on my initial call but I do have so many chips in the pot and once I flop top pair I have to call it. He is doing this with so much of his preflop range, which definitely includes hands I beat.

Thanks for helping me think things through. I think I got a little tilted by some of the other beats I was taking early on in SnGs and I was just trying to make sure it's not affecting me too much.


  1. Did you make the call? What was the result of the hand?

  2. hi, i am a little late with my comments but for what its worth:
    you mention that the limp reraise is "almost always a monster". you said it yourself. SO WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CALL IT? Depending on stack sizes versus blinds, its a 5bet shove with AK, or a fold. And as far as i would be concerned, especially at that early stage of the tournie, i know exactly what i would do, and you should work this out away from the tables yourself too, by doing the maths. unless he has AK specifically, you are either crushed by KK-AA, or flipping with JJ-QQ.
    You knew this (ie your "almost always" comment), and yet you called his 4bet anyway preflop. Why would you do this?
    Success at any form of NLHE is knowing when to shove AK and when to let it go, and especially at the micros some players will never get it, and thus never improve. Dont be one of them.
    good luck