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Losing Day and Thoughts On My Summer, Other Blogs

Had a losing day today at the micro NL cash tables. For the life of me I couldn't take advantage of a 60/5 on my right who kept getting the better of me with baffling postflop lines. You should usually treat min-bet donks like a check, but he was donking out with very weird small amounts that were a little more significant. I saw air a couple of times, others he was trying to get a cheap showdown and one was an "expert" slowplay. I didn't target him specifically but kept finding myself in a pot with him and it seemed to never go my way. A little frustrating.

My strategy was to simply value bet him to death and get out of the way if I don't have the goods, even if his donks looked suspicious. Standard micros protocol: EZ game.

But the next pot I got involved in I lost with KK to his set of nines, and then, of course, he abruptly left the table. Oh well... I should be avoiding personal vendettas at the tables, anyway. It's a surefire way to go on tilt.

My SnG challenge is going a bit better at least, and so far today I've taken first in the only one I've played. Winning hand: my A9 cracks villain's AK. I've inched my way up to a 14% ROI and if I can keep up this rate I'll achieve my goal of  15% over 300 games. I'm running a bit hot, though, so we'll see how it goes.

At this point, I rank my skill in different Holdem games as follows:

1. Limit Cash
3. NL SnG
4. NL Cash

It's not even close at the top: I've played way more limit, read more books, posted more strategy.

But as I try to branch out this summer I've been playing my "worst" two games almost exclusively.

It's been a great advantage to be able to read other blogs and learn from others' experiences. Microstakes Bankroll Builder, Holdem Notebook and Just the Facts and other poker blogs have been very helpful for me, especially the hand discussions. I've always read 2+2 but it sometimes makes a big difference to know a little more about the hero... I'll be getting even a bit more involved, and I'll come up with some topics of discussion myself.

Finally, what a ending for the U.S today in the World Cup! I really thought we were done for when Donovan came through. Winning the group is huge as well. Next opponent: Ghana on Saturday. I have a lot of friends in South Africa right now and I can't decide if I'm excited for them or belligerently jealous.

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