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Plodding Along, Adjusting to NL

I'm still running hot in my SnG challenge and relatively breakeven at the NL cash tables. I miss limit where getting 3!ed preflop is an obligatory call and re-evaluate on flop, not an agonizing, player dependent decision when stacking off enters the equation. I think I was leaking money by making some moves with AK type hands that were fueled by emotion instead of solid reads. So at least I'm getting a little better at that now.

I've also become convinced think the poker gods are trying to make me go back to limit by tempting me into results-orientedness. Today I reasoned my AQo should be mucked facing a nit 3-bet and a call, and, much to my dismay, the board came 2AAA. In my head, I sounded like one of those whining beginners on poker forums lamenting that would've flopped a full house with 75 or some trash. After figuring this out, I put myself on poker time-out briefly and read some 2+2 threads.

My NL transition hasn't been without a few struggles, but that's to be expected. At least I'm just doing it at the micros without any important money at stake. I'm almost to a 10k sample, so I'll be taking a closer look at my stats pretty shortly.

At the same time, I do miss playing limit, so I think I'm going to play some 3-4 table sessions for a couple hours in addition to my NL experiments.

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