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World Cup Fever + Writing Times + No Limit Focus

I haven’t made a post in way too long and I’m afraid World Cup soccer is the reason. I’ve been intently watching every match and by the time I make it to the tables it’s just a SnG here or an hour of cash there. I can’t believe the blown call that denied the U.S. win vs. Slovenia. Still, it was an amazing match.

I was also really busy with a casino writing assignment for a new website. I wrote 8 “bankroll management” articles describing the popular casino games and their house edges. I’m finally working on memorizing the strategy chart for Jacks or Better video poker, which I always enjoy playing when I’m in a casino. Some people don’t know that many video poker variations actually carry a player advantage with perfect play.

Anyway, I’ve just sent in my last articles, so it’s back to the tables. I’ve made this summer my time to get more experience in No Limit. I’ve had a lot of success in Fixed Limit to this point and I want to become more well-rounded. Stay tuned for reports, hands and discussions.

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