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Announcing My Challenges for the Rest of the Summer

I've been messing around with No Limit for some time now at a variety of stakes, but I've decided that if I want to get something out of it, I should set some concrete goals and work my way up. I also need to refocus a bit on my current SnG challenge.

Grinding 2NL is certainly far from glamorous, but I don't think I'm ever going to reach my potential until I consistently beat every step on the ladder.

Since I play .25/.50 Limit as my game of choice and I've been a decent winner, my bankroll is large enough to play 25 NL right now.

But my challenges aren't about building a bankroll; instead, I intend to come to grips with my own level of play and strive to learn and improve. I especially want to improve my NL hand reading ability beyond just VPIP/PFr stats.

With that in mind, here are my goals:

1.) NL Cash = Move up from 2 NL to 25 NL by the end of the year with at least a 5 BB/100 winrate at each level. 

(For 2 NL, 10,000 hands is a big enough sample for my purposes. For 5 NL, I'll need 20,000. 10 NL = 30,000 hands. If I have the 5 BB/100 winrate after I reach those samples, then I'll make the move. If not, I'll stay put and try to turn my luck around.)

2.) NL SnGs = 15% ROI on my first 300 games

3.) Limit Cash = 10,000 hands/week

(At this point, I'm only trying to avoid getting rusty on my "go-to" game while I test my luck with these other challenges.)

I know that these challenges deal with pretty small sample sizes and will involve some amount of luck. I just wanted to set something concrete to keep me focused and hopefully contribute something interesting.

I'll be posting with updates, questionable hands and reflections. I'll continue to review some poker books as I read them, as well.

Hope you'll follow my challenge!

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