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Back to the Basics - 2NL, Table Selection

I'm excited to do this challenge, but before I can really get down to business I need to buckle down and beat 2NL.

My NL game as a whole certainly has some gaps and I've bounced around at different levels over my career. It'll be nice to say I moved up from the very bottom using proper BRM.

It's only been a couple days, but I'm off to a decent start.

At this point, it's obviously not too exciting. Betting for value, c-betting heads up, you all know the drill. One thing that I'm really trying to work harder on table selection and trying to get notes on as many players as I can.

I've many times fallen into the trap of thinking that table selection is done when you get a seat at your preferred number of tables. Instead, you need to be very aware and identify when things have tightened up or the fish busts out or calms down. Stand up if you think you can find a more profitable situation. I've stayed stubborn in the past but I think I'm getting a little more patient.

Time to play a bunch of SnGs now.

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