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Minor Unexpected Challenges

There are a lot of common problems players encounter when transitioning to No Limit from limit: pot control, implied odds, commitment threshold...etc.

I'm working on these main concepts but it's interesting when something else comes up you never would have expected.

I've always been a little too concerned the current state of my session and the cashier tab, even in limit. I want to see green in my PT3 session tab; a winning day is a successful day.

Even though I know about the long run and I try not to be results oriented, it isn't easy. It's human nature. So many aspects of poker go directly against the way our brains are wired.

Anyway, now that I'm playing NL, I'm finding myself with new ways to obsess and be results oriented. Auto rebuying is one thing I never would  have thought would be a problem, but it takes a little getting used to.

Now every time my stack goes below the max buy-in at any particular table, I catch myself crunching the numbers to see how I stand overall. If I'm playing 4-5 tables, this is clearly taking up too much attention, and shouldn't even be a consideration. But a few times this has tempted me to decide against an isolation raise or continuation bet to protect a small win.

I'm at the micros, so it's not like the money matters (I'm in this to learn). But I really need to stay focused on my play, not the results, and forever banish the little part of me that seems to be convinced that you need to be a winner every day.


  1. If I can offer you a bit of advice:

    If you play at Full Tilt (which I think you do), you can set up a widget on the right portion of your screen, called "mini cashier." You can track your overall session results. (Really, does a single table matter?) If you actually care about individual tables, you are micro managing your tables... you should be concerned about overall session results, though. The cashier window is an easy view minute-by-minute into your session.

  2. When I posted that earlier, I think the main problem I was having was being too short term results oriented instead of focusing on making the correct play at every opportunity.

    But the real trouble comes when that's taking up a lot of my attention, so I'll definitely give the mini cashier a try. I think that'll help. Thanks for the tip.