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Another Promotion Hooks Me In + New Poker Writing Job!

Well, after Full Tilt got me back to playing with a random $100 bonus, they just announced another Take 2 bonus, which I found to be incredibly easy money last time. All you have to do is amass a small amount of points by playing two ring game tables for ten days in a row, which I would probably do anyway. You also get double the full tilt points, although this doesn't matter for rakeback players.

Also, I'm officially back in the game because I just started a new poker writing job. It's for bankrollmanagement.org, a newer site giving tips on how to manage a bankroll playing a variety of poker and casino games. I'll write about 8 articles a month for them, and this, coupled with my renewed regular playing, will result in plenty of new posts on here.

I also just got in contact with a cool new site for poker ebooks, so I'll be reviewing some new ones here too in the coming weeks.

Finally, I stayed in on Saturday night and capitalized on two tables filled with extremely drunk players! .25/.50 Limit Full Ring, and there were at least three 80/0 guys and one or two that were about 55/25. I got into some HUGE pots and for the most part came out on top.

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