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Biggest Break from Poker I've Ever Had. Not Recommended!

I must apologize for letting this blog slip into oblivion for way too long.

I started grad school this fall, and in addition to classes I have also been working 20-30 hours a week. I've been extremely busy, and unfortunately there has been little time for poker...

What, then, has gotten me back on track?

Full Tilt's clever promotions, in fact. I saw their offer for a fresh $100 bonus a few weeks ago, so that hooked me back on board and I ended up playing about 15,000 hands. I didn't unlock it all, but it was still a nice addition to my bankroll. I was fortunate enough to run pretty hot, as well.

Poker has definitely been on my mind even in my absence. I've been playing casually from time to time, posting on 2+2 now and then and reading a book or two. I'll certainly be playing, and posting, a lot more again.

I definitely don't recommend taking such an extended break. I almost forgot how to play! Well, I suppose it's like riding a bike...

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