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Set up PT3 on New Laptop, Ready to Go

I took a major step forward today by finally transferring PokerTracker over to my new laptop. I've had the computer for a few months now, but for whatever reason I thought it would be difficult to transfer everything over. It's really not. Your licensing code is good for two computers so I just re-installed PT3 and PostgreSQL and entered it. I thought I'd have to do something complicated for backing up the database, but I realized it would be super simple to just save all my HH files on a flash drive and manually import them on the new computer. Boom: 15 minutes and I'm set to go.

I'm glad I finally made the switch: the new computer is much better in every way and has a bigger screen. All of my friends in grad school love sleek, small laptops for note taking in class. My priorities are much different: I want to be able to fit 4 tables as comfortably as possible on the screen!

I've logged some decent play this week. I'm still amazed at how easy it is to get a free $25 from Full Tilt's Take 2 promotion. It takes me under 10 minutes each day to get the 5 bonus points needed to qualify.

For the second week running I went out on Friday night and stayed in on Saturday to get ahead of some work which inevitably turns to poker.

This time I ran about even playing baby micro NL. I'm still doing my challenge of building up a winning sample of 15k hand at every level before moving up. I've dabbled in 25NL and even 50NL back in the day, but I wasn't even close to being properly bankrolled and I didn't realize I was submitting myself to a crapshoot.

I keep wanting to post hands, but I suppose I'll spare the heartbreaking tales of 2NL beats and coolers. I'll wait until I move up a little, at least... I'm still doing really well for the month in .25/.50 limit.


  1. I was a big fan of the Poker Tracker products until I discovered Holdem Manager, which is a far better product in all areas IMO!

  2. Yeah, I do realize that HEM is much better in a lot of ways. Oh well, I'm getting pretty used to PT3 and they just released a new update so hopefully it will have some new features.

    And I do currently only have the Microstakes version, so it wouldn't be a huge investment to make the switch sometime down the road. (I'd want to wait until I move up a few levels at least to make it worthwhile...)

  3. Poker Tracker 3 is awesome but never tried holdem manager is it easy to install?

    I'm on Full Tilt but have never heard of the take 2 promotion how to I get that?