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Mixing in a lot of MTTs Lately

I've been grinding a lot of .25/.50 limit these days, and doing pretty well aside from the occasional day when I get absolutely crushed. (Funny game, it is...)

To balance that out I like to play about as different of a Holdem game as I can find, and I really enjoy big No Limit MTTs. The thrill of the tournament format really gets me and I've had a few big final table cashes this year. I haven't won a large-field tourney yet though, so that's my next goal

Anyway, I'm doing the $200K Double Deuce at Full Tilt this afternoon, and it starts in about 30 minutes. There are about 5,500 players registered right now, and first place is 31K. How nice would that be?

Update: Hendon mob pro Dave Colclough and Scott Fischman are in the field so far. Hope I draw one of them at my table!


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  2. Hey there, Good Read mate.

    I hope I can get to a point were I'm in a 200K anything O_o, wow, and you might meet some real pros, kudos I say.

    Me, personally, I'm at the bottom side: Freerolls and VIP 6 hands over at Playersonly. Just trying to get a bankroll started =/

    Well, great read once again. Feel free to check out my own blog and give any advice you can spare. Thanks and Good Luck!