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Playing Poker on Sportsbook.com: Notes

Post-Black Friday, US players are naturally looking for places where they can still play poker. Sportsbook.com, on the Merge network along with PlayersOnly, is a top rated sportsbook that has made significant improvements to their poker software after upgrading to PlayAces software.

They offer a wide variety of different cash games, MTTs and SnGs and while the player pool naturally can't touch the former levels of Full Tilt Poker before its shutdown, there have been many active games every time I've checked. Unfortunately, as I just learned after doing a little research, Sportsbook.com has pulled out of the US market earlier this year, so no new US players can sign up for a real money account. This was a decision by the company that owns these Merge network properties as well as Superbook on the Cake network.

So if you already had an account on Sportsbook.com before May 1 of this year, you can continue to play. If you didn't, however, you're unfortunately out of luck.

The site is enjoying an influx of new players as former FTPers bounce flock to sites that are still available. So if you have an old Sportsbook.com account sitting there collecting dust, you might want to resurrect it. It's not perfect, but it does offer some quality poker.


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